Bongo Boy Music School offers 60 minute private music production and songwriting sessions with Ed Gaus.  Songwriting and music production is fun and exciting.  We take the “intimidating” out of the process so that it is an enjoyable and relaxing experience for students of all ages. 

Are Songwriting and Music Production lessons just for music career minded individuals?  The answer is absolutely NO

  • Yes we have had students go on to be signed to major record labels such as Warner Bros. Only In My Dreams Recording Session with Walker County
  • Yes we have had students go on to music schools for a career in music performance and production such as Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Berklee School of Music and many others. 
  • Yes we have had many people come in with song ideas and end up creating an original song when they don’t even play an instrument.
  • Yes kids as young as 4 years old to adults have recorded songs in the Bongo Boy Music Studio.  It’s a great way to have some fun and leave with a recording that lasts a lifetime.
  • Who do we work with? We work with anyone interested in music or singing, including lyricists’, established singer/songwriters, musicians, non-musicians, producers.  Novice to professional.  We can also do Zoom or Skype sessions with individuals in state or overseas.
  • What can we teach and help you with? We teach recording software, lead and background vocal recording and layering, toplining, loop production, songwriting techniques, chord progressions and music theory, virtual instruments, rhythm instruction and how to use rhythm in various ways, Instrumentals for TV and/or film, commercials, foley recording (sound fx).  These are just some things that we can help you with.
  • Can we help you put together a music portfolio for College School of Music Admissions?  YES WE CAN
  • Do I need a recording studio setup at home NO. We can however help you understand how to set up a home recording studio that does not “break the bank”.  It does help to have some type of software on a laptop or desktop but it is not a requirement to learn how to record.
  • If you sing songs in your car or at home, you can sing in the studio and walk out with a recording.
  • Songwriting and Music Production sessions are a great way to “Find Your Groove”.   

Call our office manager Sarah to inquire about songwriting and music production sessions at 317-595-9065 or email us at: info@bongoboymusic.com.


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