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Ed Gaus

Ed Gaus President / Owner - Bongo Boy Music School
Drum / Percussion Instructor
Music Production / Loop / Recording Software Instructor
Songwriter, Producer, Artist & Performer
REMO Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator



About Ed

Ed's chemistry is about soul, feel, emotion and groove whether performing, producing music or teaching students at Bongo Boy Music School.

Growing up in Northbrook, IL, Ed started his musical career at age six on piano and saxophone. He studied classical and jazz throughout his early years, while at the same time taking up marimba and vibraphone. By the time he was in eighth grade, he was playing four-mallet marimba and vibe pieces at college levels. His playing progressed through his high school years winning awards and contests in both jazz and classical performance. While in high school, Ed began taking drum set lessons with Ward Durrett, and realized that music had become more than just a hobby. After being accepted to Indiana University School of Music for percussion performance, Ed's vision and development immediately grew to a much higher level. During his first year at I.U., Ed attended a drum clinic given by Kenny Aronoff. He approached Kenny to see if he gave private lessons outside of the music school and within the next week, was taken under his wing as one of his few students. Ed began studying drums and percussion for a few of years outside of IU and qiuickly realized what he was not able to find within the music school itself.

Since then, Ed has continued to bring his sound and energy to many national acts on the road and in the studio. He has performed with artists such as John Prine, Jill Sobule, Dar Williams, Todd Snider and Bob & Tom, just to name a few. The time and work Ed put forth touring with Prine helped earn the band a Grammy nomination for the album, "John Prine Live On Tour". He has also performed on such shows as Jay Leno, Conan O' Brian, and Austin City Limits, along with numerous national syndicated radio shows and local live broadcasts. Ed continues to play in front of thousands of people every month, and has become one of the top call drummers/percussionists in the Indianapolis recording scene, and the surrounding areas.

Ed plays DW drums, Sabian cymbals, REMO, LP & Meinl percussion.

Ed Gaus with John Prine



Short List Of Commercials & Jingles:

Galyans - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Dura Builders - Television & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Meijer - TV & Radio Spots (75 spots to date) (Drums & Percussion)
HBO, Showtime - Multiple Cable TV Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Promus Hotel Conference - Filmed Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Eli Lily (Prozac Spot) - TV Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Eli Lily (Zyprexa Spot) - 3 minute filmed spot (Drums & Percussion)
O'Brian Car Dealership - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Subway - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Big Ten Sports - Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Carpet One - TV & Radio Spots with B.B. King (Drums)
Simon Malls - TV & Radio Spots (Percussion)
Merck Pharmaceuticals - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Hampton Inn Hotels - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Don Sisk Pontiac - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Kittles Furniture - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Auto Desk - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Bill Estes Chevrolet - TV & Radio Spots (4 spots) (Drums & Percussion)
Bristol Meyers - TV & Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Southwest Airlines - Southwest Airlines Promo Film (Drums & Percussion)
St. Johns Cancer Center - TV Spots (Drums & Percussion, Programming)
Access Indiana - Radio Spots (Drums & Percussion)
Alpha Chi Omega - House remix for Flash Animation (Drums, Percussion, Programming)
Voice-Over Recording for Multi Media - Eli Lily, Anthem, Roche, Cook Medical, Telamon and more

Short List Of Artists Ed Has Performed With:

Bob & Tom, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Money, Jill Sobule, The Subdudes, Todd Snider, Dar Williams, Tom Waits, Ray Boltz, Russ Taft, The Delevantes, Heather Eatman, Larry Crane and many more.


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Ed produces music for singer/songwriters, bands, mulit-media projects and tons of other applications. Take a listen to some songs Ed has played drums on, written, co-written and produced.

  • Performing Live Performing Live
  • Evil Ed! Evil Ed!
  • Ed & Max Weinberg Ed & Max Weinberg
  • Performing on Jay Leno with John Prine Performing on Jay Leno with John Prine
  • Ed & Jay Leno Ed & Jay Leno
  • Ed & John Prine Ed & John Prine
  • Ed & ZORO the Drummer Ed & ZORO the Drummer
  • Ed & Jerry Ed & Jerry (Ben & Jerry's)
  • Ed & Bonnie Raitt Ed & Bonnie Raitt
  • Performing on Austin City Limits Performing on Austin City Limits
  • Performing on Austin City Limits Performing on Austin City Limits


The Difference - The Wallflowers

Bullet The Blue Sky - U2