Lis & Ed - Creators of Rainforest Rhythm Kingdom

What is the Rainforest Rhythm Kingdom Program?
The Rainforest Rhythm Kingdom Program is an early childhood rhythm, movement and music program tailored for pre-k to early elementary students.  The RRK curriculum engages and energizes students as they explore basic elements of rhythm, movement and music. The modalities used to create a balanced music and social/emotional skill building experiences are drumming, singing, improvisation, movement and speaking (rhythm chants).

Who can benefit from using this program?

  • Preschool Music and Classroom Teachers
  • Early Elementary Music and Classroom Teachers
  • Homeschool Co-ops and Parents
  • After School Programs



What is in each session?

  • Session Song (Movement and/or Drumming)
  • Groove Tude (Social Emotional Skill)
  • Groove Chant (Social Emotional Skill Enhancement)
  • Groove Tune (Short Vocal Song)
  • Basic Rhythm Training (Drumming, Vocal or Body Percussion)

What instructional guidance is provided?

  • RRK Instructional Manual (Hard Copy or Digital – Includes Lesson Plans)
  • CD or MP3’s (Session Songs, Groove Tunes and Chants –Vocal and Instrumental)
  • Demonstration Videos

What are the benefits of the Rainforest Rhythm Kingdom Program?

  • Energizes Learning Environment Through Rhythm and Groove
  • Sparks Imagination and Champions Improvisation
  • Encourages Self Expression and Enhances Social/Emotional Skills
  • Creates Connection and Increases Body/Spatial Awareness

Please visit our main website at: https://www.rainforestrhythmkingdom.com




Rainforest Rhythm Kingdom